The campaign will utilize a wide range of tools.  The tools to be used are:


TV and radio ads will be used to inform the general population on data protection rights. They will contain general messages on data protection, as well as information on NAPPD. They will be transmitted in Radio Television of Kosovo (herein referred to as RTK) and public and private radio stations.


A web banner, containing slogans related to data protection, and encouraging internet users to visit NAPPD web site on more information regarding data protection, will be designed and placed in most visited internet portals.


A booklet with general information about NAPPD, its achievements, as well as information on data protection will be published as a part of this campaign, and disseminated widely at all events that are a part of this campaign.

A leaflet that specifically target high school youth will be designed, with information about NAPPD, data protection, and awareness campaign rules (described later), published and disseminated among high school youth.

Notebook will also be disseminated in various events as per need.

Posters will be used for promoting “The Day when Hacking is Legal” activity (described below)


Smaller items, such as USB sticks, umbrella’s, shirts, badges and similar items will also be produced and disseminated in all the events.


Press conferences, opinion pieces and other media appearances during the campaign will be initiated by NAPPD and supported by campaign partners.


NAPPD web page will be used for general purposes of informing internet users on data protection, on the NAPD itself, as well as inform high school youth on the competition designed for them.


The campaign will utilize Facebook to promote its activities and data protection. NAPPD will open an Agency Facebook page for the purpose of the campaign and in general.

Campain Aim

The Agency’s aim through the campaign is to further increase the knowledge of key groups of citizens about the constitutionally guaranteed rights for protection of their personal data, especially in the context of local and international legislation and conventions protecting these rights.  As a result of the campaign, citizens should be made aware of their rights to complain whenever they consider their private data is not being processed according to the relevant legislation in Kosovo.

The target groups in these cases are all citizens of Kosovo, with a special focus on youth and especially students, their teachers, DPO-s, state institutions, the private sector, and health and state institutions.

The campaign uses virtually all mediums to spread its messages, through printed, broadcast and electronic media, as well events and its own printed and broadcasted materials.

Independent research on internet usage in Kosovo indicates that Kosovo citizens are one of most frequent users of internet . The highest group of users are youth, who also are the predominant age group in Kosovo. This group also represents the most vulnerable group (especially the youth aged 16 to 18), since as the heaviest users of IT and internet services, they also represent a target group for data theft and also mishandling of private data.  Therefore this campaigns aims to focus intensely at informing high school youth, students, and generally users of internet on data protection issues.

The Agency aims to create the module “Safe usage of IT” for teachers of IT. In cooperation with Ministry of Education and EU experts, the Agency aims at creating a module for IT teachers. In this context, the campaign will target specifically students who are studying IT related studies, who aim to become IT professionals in the future.


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