Workshop - “The day when hacking is legal”

Date: 27 January 2015
Place: Hotel Emerald
Time: 09:00-16:00

The purpose of this activity is to raise security awareness of companies who deal with data processing on data security, especially the companies who store or otherwise manage their data online, including their web sites. In other side stimulating security researchers who can legitimately make a profit. 

The supporters of this event will be companies who run online businesses. They may be web portals, e-commerce, job application sites, advertisement sites, etc. A limited number of companies will be selected, the web applications of whose will be tested for security penetration and data safety from the hackers.

In real-time the links of the sites that have to be tested are going to be listed in the projector. Hackers will try to hack the shown listed links.

Applicants will be filtered through interview by Darts IT Security, where interested hackers can apply as individuals but also as a group of three.

Each applicant will sign a non-disclosure agreement' that ensures that teams or individuals discovering a security breach or private information will not disclose this information.  The contract will also note the time interval during which the competitors have the right to scan the websites.

A jury will decide at the end of the activity to give prizes to each hacker, who has achieved to identify “security bugs” as 1.Critical, 2.Medium or 3.Informative. A special mention will also go to an additional team or individuals for their endeavours. The jury will not disclose the contents of the bugs, as it will compromise the security of the companies the web applications of which have been screened. Hackers will be paid for reported bugs (price per bug).

Apply as a hacker or business at [email protected]


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